Protect children and the infirm from accidental burns.
  • Thank you for what you are doing

    I heard about your product through the blog "The Bloggess." I just wanted to say thank you for what you are doing. I was three years old when I was badly burned by pulling a pot from a stove (I'm now 41). What you are doing is so important. Keep it up! I don't think seeing a new product has ever brought tears to my eyes before. Yours has.
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    I absolutely love this product,it solves a serious problem. Tasha Mayberry, Editor Best in Baby biz
  • So simple and effective

    So simple and effective Sandra Tulsa
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  • more comfortable with children in the kitchen

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  • Potsafe is perfect to protect your loved ones

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  • The potsafe system gives me piece of mind

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    Kitchen Safety Accessory

    Potsafe is a revolutionary new kitchen safety accessory that will become the number one safety product in the Kitchen.
    Potsafe fits easily to your existing induction and glass electric cooktops.
    Available in 1 Ring, 2 Ring and 3 Ring sizes, each supplied with a matching saucepan.
    Assembles and secures in minutes, protects a lifetime!

    Protect someone you love now!

    You can't be there every moment, so Potsafe is perfect to help you protect your loved ones.
    Protects from children pulling a hot saucepan down from the stove.
    Perfect for Elder Care - who may not be able to grip a hot saucepan safely, leading to spills and burns.
    Potsafe is perfect for Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities. Talk to us about discounts for commercial installations.

    Burns in the USA This Year

    Source: Ameriburn.org
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