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When kids come home from school the first thing they usually ask for is an after school snack! They’re hungry after a long day of learning and could use something to fuel them until dinner time and so they can complete their homework. You want to choose something to give them that boost of energy but that won’t make them too full to eat their dinner. Here are three ideas for quick and healthy afternoon snacks that are easy to make.

Yummy Smoothie

making smoothies

Most kids love drinking smoothies and they’re fun to make! You can really get creative with a smoothie or just toss in whatever you have on hand. Fruits like strawberries, banana, pineapple, and blueberries all make for delicious smoothies. Add some yogurt and almond milk, orange juice, or coconut milk to get the right consistency. For a cold, icy smoothie make sure the fruit you’re using is frozen or add some ice cubes to the mix. You can even add chia seeds or flax seed for more nutrients.

Turkey Pinwheels

turkey pinwheel

This recipe is just a basic turkey wrap that is cut up into smaller “pinwheel” shaped pieces. The more fun your snack looks, the more eager your children will be to eat it – even if they aren’t usually a fan of turkey. For this recipe, you can make your own condiment spread using cream cheese and chutney to spread on the tortilla wrap. Then add pieces of lettuce, sliced turkey, cucumber slices, and tomato. You will roll up the wrap tightly and then leave it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Then you can take it out and cut it up into pieces.

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Apple Sandwiches

apple with pb

This snack is super simple to make and will satisfy any child, even younger picky eaters! All you need is an apple that is cored and cut across into thick slices. Then you will take some peanut butter and spread it on each of the slices and finally top it off with some nuts or granola. Voila! You have a delicious snack made with only three ingredients that you probably already have at home!


Written by Derek Mooney - Founder of Potsafe

Derek Mooney is the founder and inventor of POTSAFE. He was born in Dublin Ireland in 1969 and emigrated to Australia in 1994. Derek is a qualified sheetmetal worker and eventually started his own air conditioning business. He thought of the idea for Potsafe about four years ago, and now has been able to bring the invention to life!


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