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teach kids cookingAs a parent, it’s up to you to teach your kids all the important skills they need to learn in life like how to read, how to drive, and yes – how to cook! It’s ever too early to start teaching your kids how to cook; even toddlers can learn how to put together a sandwich or a salad. This is a skill that they will use forever and they will be so grateful when they’re in college and can actually cook up a decent meal that doesn’t involve a microwave! Plus, it’s also a good way to teach them to be more independent, especially if they can make their own healthy lunches or after school snacks. Here are some tips for introducing your kids to cooking.

 1. Let them choose the meal

If your child isn’t exactly eager to help out in the kitchen, let him choose his favorite meal you can learn to cook together. Seeing all the steps it takes to put together a delicious meal will help your child learn to appreciate all the love you put into making his meals.

 2. Teach the basics

Start with something simple your kids can do that doesn’t involve any sharp objects or heat. Show them how to properly crack an egg without getting any shells into the bowl. Help them learn to measure oil or water in a measuring cup. Have them whisk together ingredients in a bowl so they can see how everything comes together.

 3. Teach kitchen safety

A number one aspect of cooking in the kitchen is safety. Teach your kids to always wash their hands before and during cooking, especially when working with raw meat and eggs. Show them the right way to hold a knife and where to place it on the counter. Also teach them to keep pot handles towards the back of the stove instead of sticking out. Potsafe is a great kitchen safety accessory that helps prevent kids from accidentally tipping over pots to keep everyone more safe in the kitchen.

 4. Be patient

When cooking with kids for the first time, the cooking will end up taking a lot longer than you are used to. Kids must take their time to carefully chop vegetables for the first time or peel potatoes and although you might feel inclined to just take over for them, they’ll never learn if you don’t give them the time and space to practice it themselves. They will get faster with time.

 5. Embrace the mess

Along with it taking more time, cooking with your kids will also become quite the messy task. Kids will be too busy focusing on the task at hand to think about cleaning up as they go. It’s ok to make a mess sometimes as long as you teach your kids to clean up at the end. Or, you can put out separate bowls for trash to try and keep things tidy while cooking. 

Written by Derek Mooney - Founder of Potsafe

Derek Mooney is the founder and inventor of POTSAFE. He was born in Dublin Ireland in 1969 and emigrated to Australia in 1994. Derek is a qualified sheetmetal worker and eventually started his own air conditioning business. He thought of the idea for Potsafe about four years ago, and now has been able to bring the invention to life!


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